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Feb 2013
Handbook of Exchange Rates - ed. Jessica James, Ian W. Marsh and Lucio Sarno - Wiley, 2012

My friend Jess pulled a Lewis Carroll on me a few months ago. I asked about her writing and she said that she had just finished another book and would I like a copy? I excitedly said yes, expecting another of her SF or fantasy stories. Instead, I got this.

Well, I've read it cover to cover, just to show her. I am even going to have a go at reviewing it, despite the fact that it is aimed at professionals in the field and not at financial ignoramuses like me. For Foreign Exchange (FX) is an important part of a modern economy and understanding how it works is vital in avoiding currency crises like the devaluations that were common in my youth, and, arguably, the current eurozone problems. I am hoping that at least a few take-home messages will emerge.
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Mar 2011
Trading Futures - Jessica James and Ken Zetie -, 2011
First off, I must declare an interest - this self-published novel is by two friends of mine and I read and commented on an early draft of the script. So this will be not so much a review as an introduction.

It is the year 2412 and humanity has spread throughout the solar system. Domes and satellites maintain pockets of life from the craters of Mars to the moons of Neptune, all connected by webs of laser light. And what does that light carry? Information. And who needs it? The banks.
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