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Jun 2013
The Almond Blossom Appreciation Society - Chris Stewart - Sort Of Books, 2009
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At time of writing Britain is enjoying the first prolonged bout of Mediterranean weather that we have had in seven years, but in general this country is much too chilly and grey for me (I hate and fear the cold because I know that it will get me in the end). This may be why I have a soft spot for Chris Stewart's books - after all, he has done what many of us only dream of doing and upped sticks to live a few hundred miles further south in a different culture but a warmer climate. I have to say, however, that this one didn't quite do it for me. It's still charming and enjoyable and there are some good stories in it, but it lacked a certain something.
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A Parrot in the Pepper Tree - Chris Stewart - Sort Of Books, 2002
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It is not, in general, a good idea to read about a destination while one is visiting it. The danger of invidious comparisons (in either direction) is too great. But while packing for a recent holiday in the Mediterranean I decided to break my rule and take this book along. It was the right decision. This is the perfect beach read.
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