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May/Jun/Jul 2016
Last year I spent seven weeks travelling in Australasia with only an e-reader for company. Here is what I took with me.

The Hallowed Hunt - Lois McMaster Bujold - Tor, 2005 (Kindle edition)
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This is the third novel set in Bujold's world of Chalion but you would hardly know it. None of the characters or locations from the previous books appear - the only connection is the five-fold religion of Father, Mother, Son, Daughter and Bastard, and even this is subsumed into an older belief system involving animal spirits.

The story is engaging enough - a lady in waiting (Ijada) kills a prince when he tries to rape her, and a lord called Ingrey with a wolf problem is sent to escort her to trial but finds himself trying to murder her instead. The reasons for this are to do with an exceptionally complicated magical plot that I must admit I could not really follow in the jetlagged state in which I read it. The ideas were nice but the characters were very much stock Bujold romantic leads and overall I found the thing unmemorable.
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Apr 2013
The Horologicon - Mark Forsyth - Icon Books, 2012
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Okay, so reading this book cover to cover rather than dipping into it as suggested in the introduction was probably a mistake. And to be fair, it’s not the author's fault that I can no longer readily recall the majority of what I read. But it does make this book a bit frustrating. I love using obscure but appropriate words, and this book is full of them, handily arranged by the time of day at which they are most likely to be useful. But I read it two months ago and I can barely remember a single one of them. Arghh!
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